Wireless Audio

UBILITE enables WiFi-based “HD Audio” wireless earbuds and headphones, as the wireless connection takes >90% of the total power budget.


UBILITE gives the flexibility to many designers to build solutions that offer high data rates and longer range while running on small capacity batteries.

UBILITE’s solution extends the battery life of any wearable device.


Smart Homes

UBILITE will offer a fully-untethered audio experience in every room while being connected, for example, to a smart speaker. Users can listen to “Cloud” music, control, home, answer phones and interact with smart speakers.

Applications include: Wireless security cameras, Lighting, doorbells, door locks and smart speakers.

Industrial Automation

UBILITE enables many industries to monitor their processes using sensors that can deliver more data for a longer range while being unplugged.


UBILITE’s chip size and cost makes asset tracking using WiFi possible and cost effective.