Internet of Things

IoT promises new application opportunities for industrial automation, asset tracking, building control, retail, automotive, home automation, consumer mobile and wearables. However due to lack of Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi SoCs, other less ubiquitous low power wireless connectivity solutions have been used to connect things, thus restricting applications.
UBILITE bridges this gap between Wi-Fi rich applications and Ultra low power consumption.

Introducing UBI206

UBI206 is the first Wi-Fi SoC that can operate using coin cell battery, AA or AAA batteries, leading to exceptionally long life without the need for battery replacement or recharging, thus enabling IoT applications.

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Data Rate
Power Consumption


UBILITE chipset could be used in many applications such as Consumer, Industrial and Health & Wellness.

UBILITE’s chipset is the only solution on the market that can offer our required Wi-Fi data rates with power consumptions at the level of Bluetooth.

Large Global Audio Company


High Data Rate

Wi-Fi rich applications using 802.11n with up to 72MBps.

Long Range

Excellent sensitivity to achieve long range in downlink and uplink modes.

Low Power Consumption

10x less power consumption than comparable solutions.